The Ultimate Luxury Experience is Here

GG Custom Designs Is a Men’s and Women’s Grooming Spa Meets Bespoke Tailoring Shop in Nobleton

Exterior picture of GG Custom Designs in Nobleton

In September 2016 Gloria Garofali and her husband Carsten launched their dream business, a sophisticated style centre for business executives offering the “Ultimate Luxury Experience”.  They are located just east of Brampton at 25A Calibre Court (facing Hwy 27) in the small town of Nobleton. GG Custom Designs Inc is a corner unit in a new residential building complex at Hwy27 and Wilsen St, and the pinnacle of style and fashion in the area.

From this day forward debonair men and women can get head-to-toe fashion and beauty makeovers from this stylish couple. Both male and female consumers can get beauty treatments but men in particular can get measured for bespoke clothing (clothing made to order from preselected fabrics) that will fit their bodies perfectly.

GG Custom Designs Inc is a bespoke clothing store, barber shop and day spa all under one roof. Gloria works with her husband Carsten upstairs, while a very experienced esthetician named Isabel manages four rooms below that comprise a day spa for men and women.

Get Skin Analysis, Manicures and Pedicures in Nobleton

In the spa, Isabel offers the traditional manicures, pedicures and massage but also has new technologies including a skin analysis machine and a myriad of skincare solutions provided by DermVisage anti aging skincare and other providers.

Get a Straight Razor Shave in Nobleton

Drop into the store for a shave and haircut. Men can get a traditional straight razor shave that includes the application of a steam towel to open up the pores and soften the hair follicles. Hot lather is applied and Carsten actually shaves each man twice; first he shaves with the grain-of-the -beard, and after a second application of hot lather, he shaves them again in the other direction for an even closer shave. A cool towel is applied to close the pores.

Owners, Gloria and Carsten

Find Custom Clothing, Tailor in Nobleton

One of her many passions, Gloria in particular manages the bespoke clothing solution which creates perfectly tailored suits and shirts for men and women in York Region, Greater GTA, and beyond. After measurements are taken (or submitted) she can ship custom 100% handmade pieces to customers anywhere in the world.

GG Custom Designs Inc offers a complete range of bespoke men and women’s clothing, including,

  • Bespoke made suits
  • Bespoke made shirts and dress shirts
  • Bespoke tuxedos
  • Bespoke sport coats and blazers
  • Bespoke slacks and pants
  • Overcoats
  • Accessories
  • Dresses
  • Formal wear including full wedding parties

Three women enjoying the shop's espresso bar

The craftsmen on staff or otherwise contracted to GG Custom Designs Inc have come from families that have worked as tailors for many generations. They’ve learned their craft from their fathers and grandfathers and so they meticulously cut, trim and stitch every bespoke garment by hand and with loving care. The materials Gloria uses are first rate and feature Italian cashmere, English wool and fine quality canvases and linings. Each garment has personality, pedigree and soul.

If you find yourself in Nobleton Ontario drop into GG Custom Designs at 25A Calibre Ct and mention that you read this article ‘all the way to the end’ to receive a complimentary shave and haircut, or a manicure and discount massage. Be sure and glance at the custom made clothing look-books on the counter by the coffee bar when you’re in there. Try to explore all the aesthetic solutions present inside this unique boutique.