United in voice

At the end of the day, it’s about putting on a great show. “It’s about giving the people, the audience, THE reason to come out,” reminds John. “This is a combined effort. We’re a bunch of entertainers and performers wanting to bring the people of Brampton out to see a show, to be entertained, to be taken away for a couple of hours to join us on this journey. THIS is what it’s all about.”

Summertime in Brampton Feb28

Summer melodies make you feel good, as your spirit lifts and your heart pumps to the beat. Leave the winter gloom behind as Brampton Concert Band warms your soul. Get tickets for Feb28 8PM Catching the Sun.

Through a child’s eyes

Music truly has a way of awakening the soul. For the Brampton Concert Band, they wanted to use the gift of music to release our souls’ inner child. It was a goal that they achieved fantastically.

Cinema in Concert band at Rose

Movie music is the soundtrack of life; it speaks a universal language. Even with voice-overs and subtitles, the score is untouched. And to have the opportunity to experience these soundtracks in surround-sound without the Dolby stereo, live, at The Rose Theatre, you could just imagine the thrill John Williams feels when he’s laying down tracks.