Much Ado about Brampton

You do not have to be Shakespearean to appreciate Much Ado About Nothing, only a proud Bramptonian with a sense of humour. This show is totally worth the drive into Toronto.
Michael Gagnon with Enrich Magazine

Becoming the Darwinian city

Brampton, in its current state, isn’t attracting the growth it needs to be a vibrant, long-lasting city. So, if we are to evolve as a city, we must follow the Darwinian model.
Brampton Courthouse Shooting Klarabeek Lackla

Brampton heroes celebrated

“ came prepared to use his firearm, whether against some intended target or other innocent parties.  The subject and witness officers would not have it.  It was their duty that day to ensure that any risk to th... Continue reading →

Ice storm 2013…part 3

  Over 50,000 trees have come down at a $51-75 million guesstimate for replacing them. “We don’t know the true figures; we are still in recovery mode,” explained Christopher Elliott, Parks Administratio... Continue reading →

Ice storm 2013…part 2

Nearly six weeks have passed since “Ice Storm 2013” and today was the first time I walked on a somewhat cleared path. The “Polar Vortex” that immediately followed didn’t help the cleanup efforts. That massive c... Continue reading →

Planting roots … again!

Part 1 in a 5 part series The morning after ... It is now a month after “Ice Storm 2013” and the reality of what really happened hasn’t completely set in. Tree branches are still everywhere – on the gr... Continue reading →