Summertime in Brampton Feb28

It’s freezing outside, a snowstorm is coming and another subzero spell is on its way. On February 28th at the Rose Theatre, we’re having a heatwave as the Brampton Concert Band will be Catching the Sun.

The Brampton Concert Band promises sunlight will shine through your soul and paint pictures of a summer’s day, all on a subconscious level.

At a time of year when you are longing for a sun drenched kiss, this musical evening will bring you the soothing warmth and golden hues of summer.

Catching the Sun promises to be sweet and summery. Musical director Vince Gassi has orchestrated a playlist that captures the melodic expressions of warm nations around the world.

Enrich Music Brampton Concert Band
The Brampton Concert Band at rehearsal

From the beaches of Brazil to the surf of Hawaii, the tempo of summer is evident in this magnificent blend of cultural ingredients. South Louisiana Cajun folk, when mixed with the blistering heat of a conga line, has the same soothing touch as a summer’s breeze under Parisian skies. Music on carousels and roller coasters in Italy, Spain, Mexico and South America conjure the same memories as you reminisce a long hot night with a cool drink.

Summer melodies make you feel good, as your spirit lifts and your heart pumps to the beat, embracing the heat of the moment as thoughts of warm weather come to mind.

Leave the winter gloom behind and imagine the bright sun on your skin as Brampton Concert Band warms your soul. Tickets for Catching the Sun are now available online at Rose Theatre or by calling the box office at 905-874-2800.

Imagination is a powerful force. Coupled with a live soundtrack, your favourite Hawaiian shirt and an umbrella in your drink, you can boldly tell old man winter, “Bring. It. On!”

Let’s make it a fun party. Flip-flops are optional!