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‘Person of interest’ stories

Bully Busters win TIFF Kidsfest

It is incredibly difficult for one person to create change alone; but when you work with your community, you can accomplish anything. In fact, when groups and communities come together, amazing things can happe... Continue reading →
Brampton Courthouse Shooting Klarabeek Lackla

Brampton heroes celebrated

“ came prepared to use his firearm, whether against some intended target or other innocent parties.  The subject and witness officers would not have it.  It was their duty that day to ensure that any risk to th... Continue reading →

Chopped; healthy family eating habits

A family that cooks together eats together and, with today’s busy lifestyles, not a lot of families are able to do this on a regular basis. This is why the Eccles have made healthy family eating habits using food an integral part of their lifestyle.

UP 2 – learning to fly, again

Question: When is a teacher no longer a teacher? Answer: Never! Once a teacher, always a teacher! Having just had my wonderful experience of returning to the sky, my host Jim Walker has refueled his plane, pu... Continue reading →

Get off your bucket seats

On November 1st, 2013, I moved into my Brampton downtown apartment. On the same day, I parked my Jeep Liberty as I have vowed to go a year without a car.

CobiStyle…Canadianized multiculturalism

CobiStyle has not only westernized the mosaic of its worldly offerings, but “Canadianized” them with a little injection of humour, as everything in her product line makes you smile.

The tale of two toy soldiers

Live your Christmas Style Bigger Than Life! My new Christmas Tradition! Well, that is what we all want to believe at this magical time of year, when sugarplum fairies and all sorts of confectioneries dan... Continue reading →