Our DEV wears prada

town-onesieMost likely, you’ve seen the infomercials for the Snuggies, and the Slankets, but the latest trend making its way all over from London to Amsterdam and right in our own backyard … we knew you wouldn’t guess it … Adult Onesies – the hippest way to sleep and party!

I first spotted adult onesies in Schiphol airport (Amsterdam, Netherlands) two years ago. I saw three twenty-something, tall masculine gents sporting the one-piece wonder. With the obvious turning of heads everywhere they went, I knew the attention wasn’t on my overly sequined travel outfit; it was looks from beautiful women getting a glance at what courage these young men had! The chuckles were apparent, even justified! What wasn’t so obvious was what happened next. A group of equally twenty-something, tall beautiful young women walked by and one said to the man in the tiger onesie, “My friends over there are too shy to ask, but they would love your numbers.”!?! … LOL … my thoughts exactly. I guess women really do like a sense of humour.

When I finally arrived at my destination of Berlin, I parked my bags in my hotel room. Then headed to the local brew house to have a sip and call a few local friends to come on down. I whisked back a few more before they arrived. Truly excited to meet these guys after not seeing any of them for a few years, the usual ‘gifts in shopping bags’ ensued … after all, I am a fashion show producer. Scarf from Hermes … check! New custom-made spacers in my size … check! A pair of John Lobbs, a Jack Spade case, tickets to a show … check, Check and CHECK!


"Dev" - "Devil" - makes TOTAL sense!
“Dev” – “Devil” – makes TOTAL sense!

Wait now … what’s this? I felt something fluffy … I pulled out something red and fleecy (at least they got the colour right). An adult onesie in the likeness of a devil … complete with a hood, horns and a tail!


After searching the internet that night to figure out what this was about, I discovered it was the brainchild of a few Norsemen, Knut, Thomas and Henrik, who were jogging off a hangover. Despising waistbands as too restrictive for ‘chill mode’ they began sewing their hoodies to their jogging pants, eliminating the waistband, and inserting a long head to hip zipper for easy access, and voila: the one-piece jumpsuit.

The Lazy Suit trend has quickly caught on and spread. Like an unknown epidemic with no treatment, it’s taken over metropolises worldwide. All over Europe onesies can be seen in retail outlets from highstreet to downtown. In North America, they are in novelty apparel shops and a slew of online retailers. This trend has truly become one of its time. Where individuality speaks volumes in today’s world, you can dress up as a reindeer, an orange, a bunch of grapes, a pirate, a super hero (with a cape!), or yes, even a little devil. At the price these retail for, you can afford a different one for every day of the week. Most adult onesies come with separate feet attachments so one can sport the hottest pair of Louboutin heels or, in my case, those John Lobbs.

emergency-Exit_adult-500x500Back at Schiphol airport, I decided to wear my hip new onesie as my travel outfit. After all, I am THE FASHIONISTO. Off to London! I called my friends, requesting they meet me at the airport. In my fleece one-piece, I found myself battling the cold at the airport in the winter. Not giving a second thought to putting on a jacket, no way would I wreck this outfit. I arrived in London with all the usual chuckles on the plane. When I met my dear friends in Heathrow, they stood there pointing and laughing directly at me. All I could think was, “Give it a month; they will all wish they had this onesie …” until I realized I had left the bum flap open.