Photography by Bryan McGowan for Enrich Magazine

RO’s ‘sorcerer’s apprentice’ plays Disney

Be Our Guest!

Whether you are a grandparent reminiscing about Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, or a toddler dressing up as Queen Elsa or Peter Pan, it is undeniable that every person in the Western world has been touched in some way by the magic of Disney.  And it comes as no surprise. For over 90 years, Walt Disney Productions has created timeless classics that will live on in the hearts and homes of generations to come. We love Disney for its fun filled tales, its lovable characters and, best of all, for its wonderful music! That being said, it is truly a pleasure to inform you that, on February 14th at 8PM, the Rose Orchestra is presenting ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’, a concert dedicated to the marvelous music of Disney!

This is a concert you absolutely don’t want to miss! Why? There are four reasons. One, the Rose Orchestra is a delightful ensemble of talented, local musicians, so the quality of their music will be great. Two, the Rosebuds will be playing as well. They are musicians from 8-18 years old, so skilled in their playing ability that it’s hard to tell that they are, in fact, a youth orchestra. Three, Enrich Magazine has set up a promotion with the Rose Theatre allowing a number of tickets to be sold at half price. Just mention the promotional code ENRICH50 (fifty) and you’ll enjoy a great concert for half the cost.

Reason number four: It’s an entire concert of DISNEY MUSIC! This alone is guaranteed to make your inner child dance with delight. There are many other reasons that make the prospect of a Disney concert exciting; but, as space is limited, we will try to contain ourselves and mention only the biggest ones.

Annabella (9) and sister Angelica (8) are the youngest musicians in the Rose Orchestra, with the Rosebuds. We watch Disney; they play Disney!


As Brampton is home to the largest under-30 population in Canada, let’s start with what they know best: The Disney Renaissance. This era brought on phenomenal works like The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. These works are also four of the twelve Disney productions that have become Broadway musicals. Every kid who grew up during the Renaissance knows these films, and they especially know their music. Sure, we never knew the opening words to The Circle of Life, but we still belted out that song as if we did. In that era we were wooed by A Whole New World, pumped up with I’ll Make a Man out of You, dancing along with Under the Sea, and chilled by Hellfire. But, like the princesses of the Renaissance, there’s always something more to be found in the world of Disney.


Talking about music and Disney, we cannot ignore one of the biggest chapters of Disney’s history – The Silly Symphonies. From 1929 to 1939, Walt Disney made dozens of short films played to the background of symphony music. Some were based on existing tales like The Tortoise and the Hare and The Ugly Duckling while others were unique creations such as Skeleton Dance and Merbabies. Walt truly showed his genius in creating these Silly Symphonies. To take instrumental works and envision entire story lines to go along with them is something not just anyone can accomplish. Even the little amounts of dialogue or sound effects that went into the films were done in such a way that they fit perfectly to Enrich-Disney-4the music. The greatest masterpiece of this chapter came in 1940 with Fantasia, notable both as Disney’s longest animated film and because it was considered by Walt Disney himself as the ultimate Silly Symphony. Complete with works by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and other great composers, with a variety of colourful, fantastical, and sometimes downright powerful tales, this film is a proven masterpiece of music meeting animation.

There are many animated Disney features we all know and love, but often we forget that many other films are also a part of the Disney franchise. The biggest example of this is the Pirates of the Caribbean series. The composer, Hans Zimmer (who also did the music for The Lion King), made these films chock full of upbeat, action-packed soundtracks; and yes, they are Disney. There are so many classic, live action films that are a part of Disney: Mary Poppins, the Muppet movies, Homeward Bound, Chronicles of Narnia, nearly every movie you watched on the Family Channel. And hey, they bought Lucasfilm two years ago, so we may as well add Star Wars to the list!

Enrich-Disney-3So what can be expected at this concert? The answer is a lot. Disney has such a variety of soundtracks that the Rose Orchestra will have plenty to choose from. Likely they will take a little of everything into the show: highlights from an epic live action film, a medley from a particular animated favourite or a collection from various films, some classical music from Fantasia, maybe a selection of music from Pixar films or other computer animated films like Tangled and Frozen. Since the show is called ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ it’s safe to assume that will be the first song they play, and what better way to start a Disney concert than with the opening tune of every Disney film.

One thing is for sure, regardless of whether they play Colors of the Wind, Friends on the Other Side, Bare Necessities, Let It Go, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, or something else entirely, so long as it’s Disney, you know it’s going to be an amazing magic carpet ride.

By: Laila Zarrabi Yan