Victoria Kaye

Living solutions – organizing with style

I live in 500SF and, as a former realtor and stager, I know how to give the illusion of space. But life isn’t all smoke and mirrors; it needs a “living” solution.

At the end of the day it’s about making a place for everything but, at the same time, making everything accessible and styled for ascetics. Once upon a time, Victorian style homes utilized nooks and crannies with ingenious built-ins. Today’s architecture doesn’t, so it’s up to us to come up with solutions for our hoarding tendencies.

We always hear about “Storage” Solutions, but most often we are looking for solutions in our “Living” spaces. How should you improve these problems in your home? Here are some tricks for you to consider as featured on our Facebook page.

Do you have a unique “Living” Solution for your storage needs? Email picture and explanation to and we’d love to share it with our readers!