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Seafood amore

Culinary aphrodisiac, myth or fact, whichever side of the discussion, you cannot argue the seductive nature of seafood. Every Disney loving boy who’s seen The Little Mermaid learned that, to successfully Kis... Continue reading →

Chocolate lover

It must be the Latin lover, with his golden skin, dark bedroom eyes and accentuated pronunciations of words that are irrelevant but sound good. It’s in his blood, an innate passion that is irresistible. The mere thought of such love has women gasping, with fantasies dancing in their minds, conjuring a smile and the slight trembling of inner thighs.

Save your savings

When I was five years old, my Aunt Carol gave me $5 for my birthday. She said, ”Put it in the bank; it will grow.” My Dad always said “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Now that pennies are extinct, I think it ... Continue reading →

Homemade for the holidays

Peace on earth, family, friends, food and presents is the mantra for December. Although the holiday season segues for us from the idea of giving thanks and sharing at Thanksgiving, to giving gifts, I have opted... Continue reading →

Our DEV wears prada

Most likely, you’ve seen the infomercials for the Snuggies, and the Slankets, but the latest trend making its way all over from London to Amsterdam and right in our own backyard … we knew you wouldn’t guess it ... Continue reading →