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Through a child’s eyes

Music truly has a way of awakening the soul. For the Brampton Concert Band, they wanted to use the gift of music to release our souls’ inner child. It was a goal that they achieved fantastically.

Holiday verve

Deck the halls with boughs of holly may have been how you started preparing for the holidays but, for a newly purchased and furnished 4800SF home in east Brampton, it made total sense to have the creative desig... Continue reading →

Celebrate music spirit

Sleigh bells rang through the Rose Theatre on Saturday December 6th as Brampton’s Rose Orchestra held their December show. Entitled Celebrate! the theme celebrated winter merriment and Christmas spirit. Song... Continue reading →

Cuddle up and read, with Enrich

T'was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a cord was connected, not even a mouse. The children were wired enough to throw fits, and Mommy and Daddy were losing their wits. The wine ... Continue reading →
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Birds of a feather decorate together

At Enrich Magazine, the decking of halls and trimming of trees is now complete, and we turn our attentions to family and friends and last minute details. Stylers Janet Hurley, Catherine Whitaker and Victoria Kaye from the Style Team feathered their Christmas decor this year.

Baubles, bangles & beads, oh my!

It's that time of year, when everything glistens and glimmers with colourful accents and ornamentation as flashy flamboyance abounds in showy displays full of brightly lit merriment and cheer. Welcome to Christ... Continue reading →

Homemade for the holidays

Peace on earth, family, friends, food and presents is the mantra for December. Although the holiday season segues for us from the idea of giving thanks and sharing at Thanksgiving, to giving gifts, I have opted... Continue reading →
Almost Done

A peacock-themed christmas

Years ago, on a gloomy overcast day in early December, I was driving down a country road just north of Brampton. I was remembering how the same road, just a few weeks earlier, was blazing with an abundance of a... Continue reading →

Christmas time traditions

  What do you do at Christmas Time? Christmas Time is steeped in tradition, whether cultural, religious or family inspired. It is the holiday that follows Thanksgiving, celebrated with lavish decora... Continue reading →