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Coffeehouse Brampton

Coffee & a mic

Who needs dinner and a show when you can have coffee & a mic? The cafe music scene is now amp'd, acoustically sound & community connected with Coffeehouse Open Mic. THe THird THursday of each mont... Continue reading →

Spice up your garden life

Spring is here folks and it is time to clear out the old and bring in the new. I say, “Out with the forsythias and in with Lindera benzoin.” Spring cleaning doesn't just apply to the inside of our homes, but ex... Continue reading →

Summertime in Brampton Feb28

Summer melodies make you feel good, as your spirit lifts and your heart pumps to the beat. Leave the winter gloom behind as Brampton Concert Band warms your soul. Get tickets for Feb28 8PM Catching the Sun.
Linda Jeffrey Brampton Levee

Mayor Jeffrey is at the table

What Linda Jeffrey promised in her eight months of campaigning, Mayor Jeffrey has delivered in her first 8 weeks in office.

Fun element strong in music

You read that right! The house erupted in laughter on hearing the antic. Only it wasn’t an antic. It was a wonderful night, full of music and a true showcase of talent and passion. I only hope that more of Brampton will come to future performances of Brampton Rose Orchestra and The Rosebuds, as I’m sure they will be excellent events for music lovers.

One day more ‘Les Mis’ in Brampton

It is this single reason that makes Les Miserables equally effective with a minimum set; it is the spirit of the production that transcends to community theatre, and why Brampton Music Theatre is bringing it to Brampton.

Cinema in Concert band at Rose

Movie music is the soundtrack of life; it speaks a universal language. Even with voice-overs and subtitles, the score is untouched. And to have the opportunity to experience these soundtracks in surround-sound without the Dolby stereo, live, at The Rose Theatre, you could just imagine the thrill John Williams feels when he’s laying down tracks.