Shelby Morell Photography for Enrich Magazine

Easy DIY ~ the kitchen backsplash project

There is nothing worse than moving into a rental unit, only to find it lacking in every kind of imaginative way – bland, boring colour themes, irremovable stains on tired walls, curtains and carpets that were not popular even in the 70s.


IMG_0600At some point, we have all lived in an apartment or house that was crying out to become a home, a rental property that has seen tenants move in and out for years, but has never really felt the love of an individual’s touch to transform it into a home. The problem lies with the fact that rental properties aren’t ours – we’re limited by the fact that we don’t own them, so to completely renovate is out of the question. Even if we are allowed to add our own creative schizzle to the place, do we really want to invest time and money when we won’t see any economic benefit from it?


IMG_0650Then add to the mix the ability to actually pull off a DIY project. This has always been my sticking point. I’m not lacking in creativity, but ask me to complete a DIY project and you’re likely to find me hiding behind a large piece of furniture, quivering in fear because I have been to DIY Land many times and, if I must drive the train, it is a high-speed express to Epic Failure. I am no good with straight lines or things that involve nailing, measuring or, well, anything.


I would be happy to put in the time and effort as needed to transform my house into a home that will reflect my personality, so I have comfort food for my soul in the form of interior design in every crevice and corner. But that is not easy to accomplish.


On the search for renter-friendly DIY that is both easy and transformative, the Enrich Style team fell upon an amazing idea for an easy DIY kitchen backsplash that will brighten the heart of any home. This can be applied to paint, wallpaper, or even ceramic tiles.



All you will need is a pair of good scissors, some sticker sheets that will reflect your personality, the tone you wish to create, and a steady hand. We chose vintage typewriter keys because they mirror the creative drive behind the Enrich team and they match the existing colours in the kitchen.


Cut out your stickers, choose where you’d like them to go and stick them on the wall. It really is that easy … even for someone like me who has trouble cutting out a straight line.


Goodbye tired old brown kitchen, completely lacking in any creative spark. Hello fabulous unique vintage typewriter themed kitchen backsplash.