Cuddle up and read, with Enrich

EMO-Christmas_story_1T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a cord was connected, not even a mouse.

The children were wired enough to throw fits, and Mommy and Daddy were losing their wits. EMO-Christmas_story_2

The wine it was mulled, the chocolate was hot.  The children had forgotten all they were taught.

‘Tis the season for family, the season for friends, the season for giving, helping, and trends.

EMO-Christmas_story_3When the doorbell rang, every mouth was agape, who could be ringing the bell, it was late ? The neighbour, oh no, there was not a spare gift, but there yet she stood, wearing warm wooly mitts.


The children all clamored to the door with wide smiles, and Mommy and Daddy let her in for a while.


She gathered the children around the gas fire, she took out her backpack and said with a smile, “I’ve brought with me friends with whom we shall share the special sweet magic that fills the night air.”

Her friends were all bound with covers so bright and the stories she shared created sweet dreams that night.

by Maxine D’Alfonso

EMO-Christmas_story_5 If you ask my children what their favourite part of the holiday is, I promise you they will say, “BOOKS!

Reading replaces screen time in our house, especially around the holidays when there is so much extra time to cuddle up with a good book. The following books were selected from our favourites. We take the time to read books that span various cultural, and religious backgrounds. These stories evoke the best of the Christmas and Chanukah spirits.

Pg 2: The Christmas Tree Fairy       Pg 3: Angela and the Baby Jesus       Pg 4: Are You a Christmas, or a Chanukah?       Pg 5: Light the Lights