Photography by Bryan McGowan for Enrich Magazine

Cinema in Concert band at Rose

We have all experienced the power of a movie score. More than popcorn, from silent pictures to Imax, music has always been film’s important partner. Music can turn a good film into a great movie, and the same can be said about a community’s concert band.

IMG_8538aOn Saturday, October 18th, at 8pm the Brampton Concert Band opens its 130th season with Cinema in Concert. Musical director Vince Gassi invited conductor Eric Brown and the Southeastern Massachusetts Festival Chorus to help demonstrate how combining vocals with orchestration creates exceptional pieces of music.


As the 70-plus voice ensemble arrives, at rehearsal after a nine hour bus ride, Vince welcomes SMFC to BCB. And after a few do-re-me’s, 1, 2, 3’s and five bars into the opening number, the energy generated is “freakin’ aewsome.” Let’s just say Saturday’s concert could electrify 12 city blocks! Epic.


Cinema in Concert begins with Superman and ends with Star Wars, with a lot of blockbusters in between. During rehearsal, 1492-The Conquest of Paradise demonstrated friendly camaraderie between conductors while Duel of the Fates showed the action is not necessarily on the screen, but behind the scene. Battle of the Batons between conductors does not hearld who reigns supreme, but how they can punch the down beat, synchronized.


IMG_8524aMovie music is the soundtrack of life; it speaks a universal language. Even with voice-overs and subtitles, the score is untouched. To experience these soundtracks in surround-sound, without the Dolby stereo, live, at Brampton Rose Theatre, just imagine the thrill John Williams feels when he’s laying down tracks.


Founded in 1884, Brampton Concert Band is one of Canada’s oldest community bands and comprised of musicians from the community. Tickets for Cinema in Concert range from $10 children, $25 seniors & $30 general admission and are available at


See you at the show!