Breathe in, cleanse out

If you are thinking about becoming more self-aware, it all begins with self-observation.

Together, let’s explore the depth of our minds and begin to understand what it means to start cleansing our minds. We live in a busy world with constant stimulation and external influences so it becomes easy to become lost in the outside world. Have you ever stopped to think about how external influences impact how we actually think, the words we speak, the actions we take and our repetitive behaviours? Our thoughts, whether good or bad, negative or positive, sad or happy, are determining our life at this very moment. They affect the next steps in our precious lives and how we will react to every situation in the future.

Let’s start by observing something very close to home. Our homes are a simple reflection of ourselves, our lives and the places we have been. As you look at the rooms in your home, what do you see? Are there piles of clothes or papers on the floor? Are your rooms neat and tidy with everything in its place? Do you feel peace or hostility as you walk through the rooms ? These key questions can help us understand how we feel about ourselves and our homes.

By answering these questions, you entered a space of mindful awareness. If you feel tightness and hostility in your home, your mind is telling you there something deeper in the way you feel about yourself. There may be a painful memory that needs healing. For example, there may be a picture you walk by every day in your home that has an emotional impact on your emotions. Home is the place where people like to feel safe and secure, where we can share our feelings of happiness, love and peace.

As you now observe your home with more awareness, do you sense more memories or hopes for the future? Home is where we can express ourselves, let our creativity and talent shine. In turn, as we look around, we begin to realize our home is a direct reflection of how we think and feel. It is an inner world of self in an external world of houses, a private version of yourself and your expression to the world.


Looking deeper into yourself and your home, you may find out some new things about yourself.  For example, you thought you were over an ex; however, when you look into your messy drawer you see one small key chain he bought you 5 years ago. Subconsciously, you are holding onto a past that is over. I have many old albums, gifts and pieces of jewelry from a past long gone, things I would never wear again, yet I keep them because once upon a time they were all  important. Well, it’s time to think in the present, no looking back, for the future is full of hope.

Keeping that in mind, cleansing your home can be the same as cleansing the mind and letting go of the past. This is exactly how we should start assessing our thoughts. Which thoughts are helping us in the present and which are old belief patterns that we should simply let go?

Letting go of old memories that have no place in your present is much like spring cleaning, clearing the clutter out of our lives, environment and minds. How cluttered is your mind?  Cluttered thoughts can mean over-thinking, worrying about the future, having feelings of guilt and shame. We live in a fast-paced society that is constantly changing, moving forward, and our brains try to adapt to new these realities. It is very easy to get stuck in over-thinking, worrying about the future, or in a constant state of reliving our memories.

I am proposing an idea, to not only de-clutter your house, but to begin to cleanse your mind so positive thoughts can enter. Cleansing the mind creates more space for positive, self-loving thoughts to enter, allowing for openness and peace within yourself. It allows you to adapt to life’s situations more easily, to smile through the rough times and hold more compassion for the people around you.

The ultimate goal in cleansing the mind is to have a life filled with peace, love and happiness. However, this is not easy and requires steps to start the process. The first step is to take note of whatever comes up in your mind and to let go of thoughts or memories that put a damper on your present.

This isn’t a time for self-judgment, but merely self-observation of the way you think your thoughts.  Once you can observe your thoughts, cleansing the mind becomes easy. Then you can choose what you want to think and put a full stop to negative, self-harming thoughts.

Take a deep breath and get ready for an amazing life journey of cleansing your mind for increased peace and happiness. Let’s begin …


by Niki Sanghera