Ice storm 2013…part 2

Nearly six weeks have passed since “Ice Storm 2013” and today was the first time I walked on a somewhat cleared path. The “Polar Vortex” that immediately followed didn’t help the cleanup efforts. That massive c... Continue reading →

Chocolate lover

It must be the Latin lover, with his golden skin, dark bedroom eyes and accentuated pronunciations of words that are irrelevant but sound good. It’s in his blood, an innate passion that is irresistible. The mere thought of such love has women gasping, with fantasies dancing in their minds, conjuring a smile and the slight trembling of inner thighs.

Planting roots … again!

Part 1 in a 5 part series The morning after ... It is now a month after “Ice Storm 2013” and the reality of what really happened hasn’t completely set in. Tree branches are still everywhere – on the gr... Continue reading →

Baubles, bangles & beads, oh my!

It's that time of year, when everything glistens and glimmers with colourful accents and ornamentation as flashy flamboyance abounds in showy displays full of brightly lit merriment and cheer. Welcome to Christ... Continue reading →

Christmas time traditions

  What do you do at Christmas Time? Christmas Time is steeped in tradition, whether cultural, religious or family inspired. It is the holiday that follows Thanksgiving, celebrated with lavish decora... Continue reading →

The tale of two toy soldiers

Live your Christmas Style Bigger Than Life! My new Christmas Tradition! Well, that is what we all want to believe at this magical time of year, when sugarplum fairies and all sorts of confectioneries dan... Continue reading →