Brampton Courthouse Shooting Klarabeek Lackla

Brampton heroes celebrated

“ came prepared to use his firearm, whether against some intended target or other innocent parties.  The subject and witness officers would not have it.  It was their duty that day to ensure that any risk to th... Continue reading →

Summertime in Brampton Feb28

Summer melodies make you feel good, as your spirit lifts and your heart pumps to the beat. Leave the winter gloom behind as Brampton Concert Band warms your soul. Get tickets for Feb28 8PM Catching the Sun.
Linda Jeffrey Brampton Levee

Mayor Jeffrey is at the table

What Linda Jeffrey promised in her eight months of campaigning, Mayor Jeffrey has delivered in her first 8 weeks in office.

Holiday verve

Deck the halls with boughs of holly may have been how you started preparing for the holidays but, for a newly purchased and furnished 4800SF home in east Brampton, it made total sense to have the creative desig... Continue reading →

One day more ‘Les Mis’ in Brampton

It is this single reason that makes Les Miserables equally effective with a minimum set; it is the spirit of the production that transcends to community theatre, and why Brampton Music Theatre is bringing it to Brampton.

Cinema in Concert band at Rose

Movie music is the soundtrack of life; it speaks a universal language. Even with voice-overs and subtitles, the score is untouched. And to have the opportunity to experience these soundtracks in surround-sound without the Dolby stereo, live, at The Rose Theatre, you could just imagine the thrill John Williams feels when he’s laying down tracks.

Brampton orchestra & jazz mechanical

Season IV demonstrates The Rose Orchestra’s delivery of the lighter side of classical music. Opening with Livin’ La Vida Loca, it sustains the original energetic power in the brass and percussion of its iconic pop version, along with capturing the electric hips of Ricky Martin in the vigorous bow strokes of the violins and cellos.

Get off your bucket seats

On November 1st, 2013, I moved into my Brampton downtown apartment. On the same day, I parked my Jeep Liberty as I have vowed to go a year without a car.

CobiStyle…Canadianized multiculturalism

CobiStyle has not only westernized the mosaic of its worldly offerings, but “Canadianized” them with a little injection of humour, as everything in her product line makes you smile.

Ice storm 2013…part 3

  Over 50,000 trees have come down at a $51-75 million guesstimate for replacing them. “We don’t know the true figures; we are still in recovery mode,” explained Christopher Elliott, Parks Administratio... Continue reading →