A peacock-themed christmas

The eye of the peacock feather

The peacock colour palette erupts from the beauty of the male bird’s tail feathers, with a warm, vintage feel and gorgeous rich colours.

Bright green, blue and gold colours supply vivid splashes, providing interest and contrast. Unexpected pops of colour that blend perfectly with any season, but especially during this festive time of year, add not only flair and grace, but liveliness to any setting.

From an understated whisper of colour to the extreme, the eye of the peacock feather is very versatile and used frequently in costuming, mask making, embellishing floral designs and decorating. It’s elegance on a budget, as it lends unexpected design touches as everyone takes what they want from the palette.

Throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas, we’ve asked the Style and Food Teams to look to these colours for inspiration when decorating.