A peacock-themed christmas

Years ago, on a gloomy overcast day in early December, I was driving down a country road just north of Brampton. I was remembering how the same road, just a few weeks earlier, was blazing with an abundance of autumn glory.

"Beautiful Plumage!"
“Beautiful Plumage!”

While reminiscing about the bright colours of Thanksgiving, I noticed a kaleidoscope jewel-toned colour palette of olive, deep blues and teal hues headed my way. It was the lovely plumage of a stunningly beautiful bird, a Peacock!

A peacock prancing northbound up a Caledon country road?!?!?! I brought my vehicle to a gentle stop, hoping not to disturb the strutting of this majestic bird with his lovely plumage in full bloom.

Unlike the Norwegian Blue that was “pining for the fjords,” immortalized in the now classic Monty Python ‘Dead Parrot’ skit as “Bereft of life, and rest in peace,” the flamboyance of that moment gently resonates with me at this time of year. I thought it only appropriate to challenge the Enrich Team to use the peacock theme as they begin to prepare for the Holiday season.

Style by Janet Hurley, written by Victoria Kaye